Jess Fitzpatrick

Jess Fitzpatrick | Senior Media Trader | Buyers & Sellers Plc

Jess is the Senior Media Trader at Buyers & Sellers Media Plc, and works closely with brands and agencies to maximise reach and coverage achieved from DOOH advertising.

Buyers & Sellers Media Plc buy digital billboard advertising space in bulk from different media owners, bundle it all together to create national and regional packages, and then sell direct to brands and agencies.

A new concept in the marketplace, Buyers & Sellers Plc positions itself as a wholesaler of DOOH advertising, rather than being an agency or specialist.

Previous to her role at Buyers & Sellers Media Plc, Jess learnt the D/OOH business at Clear Channel with her trader mentality originating from working in her family’s business, a chain of Flower Market Stalls and Garden Centres, from a young age.

Jess’ career in marketing and the media also includes owning magazines and running a Marketing Consultancy where she advised B2C and B2B clients.

Focused on clients, Jess understands how to build brands and is passionate about DOOH advertising.

A rising star in the industry, Jess is now pushing new boundaries and enjoying great success in rolling out the Buyers and Sellers Media plc model to the benefit of advertisers and media owners alike.